Cyprus Experience

After days of doing research on the internet about climate, sea, sand and other essential information, Cyprus proved to be ideal.  So me  and the girls we took a week to jet off to Larnaka  and explore island vibes together. It was our first time traveling just the six of us, well it’s time for a new adventure.
We stayed in Larnaka in a beautiful apartment with a great view, five minutes away from the beach. Today, Larnaka is the international gateway to Cyprus;  with very good resturants , sandy beaches and endless, blue sea. We were amazed to see that crystal color of the sea in that place, until we went to Ayia Napa.
The first day  we were pretty tired, we kept it super mellow and had a light dinner and drinks!
We started our day early to explore the beach,  we were on the Mckenzie beach, the perfect place to relax, read a book, it’s also suitable for families and childrens. The sand was great and the people too, they thought we  were from Rusia, (that was weird J ) but when they realized that we are Romanian girls they were amazed, some of them knew some words in Romanian. I was really impressed that everybody speaks English, if you ask someone details about something, or directions, or anything else in english, they will answer very politely, in the same language that you ask them. I mean, I traveled in different countries in Europe, and trust me not everyone speaks English.
Let’s talk a little bit about  Cyprus traditional cuisine, you have to try Halloumi cheese, not just because of the cheese, but for the way they are preparing it here. It’s grilled cheese combined with fresh vegetables topped with olive oil.
We went to  Nissi Beach, if you prefer crowded places and like to party day and night, Niss beach is the right choice. My first impression was “wooooooooooooow”, paradise on earth, that white sand and turquoise blue color of the sea really make it unique.
If I have to choose between Mckenzie beach and Nissi beach, I would choose Mckenzie beach  for the night life and Nissy for the sea and the sand.

You should visit this place at least once in a lifetime. Trust me you will not regret it! 🙂


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